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What You Need to Know Now Before You Start A Hardscape Project

Designing the outdoor spaces around your property is crucial for creating your dream home or office. To ensure that your outdoor landscaping project goes as smoothly as possible, you must understand what materials and aesthetics align with what you’re envisioning and the purpose and function of the outdoor space, according to your lifestyle and interests. In this blog, we will guide you through the planning process, designing, budgeting, and how a professional and experienced landscaping contractor can bring your artistic vision to life.

Here is What You Need To Know Now Before You Start A Hardscape Project

  • What are Softscapes and Hardscapes?
  • What to Include in Your Landscape Design
  • How to Budget for a Hardscape Project

What are Softscapes and Hardscapes?

hardscape project with perfect balance of softscapes
Beautifully designed hardscape project with the perfect balance of softscapes.

When it comes to designing breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, nothing is more important than balancing all the different elements you have in your outdoor space. Landscaping consists of two main parts – hardscapes and softscapes. Softscapes are relatively straightforward and includes all natural or growing aspects such as your lawn, trees, plants, and shrubs. Hardscapes, on the other hand, consist of any decorative or practical structural features that have are primarily constructed or built. For example, porcelain pavers, stone pavers, fences, fountains, gazebos, and gravel areas are hardscapes.

What to Include in Your Landscape Design

One of the central aspects of hardscaping is that the materials, textures, and structures you select should complement the surrounding landscape’s appearance and the adjoining property. Also, keep in mind that there should always be a visually appealing balance between the amount of hardscape and softscape. A landscape designer can guide you through all of these considerations of the materials. When working with a professional, they will help you ensure adequate drainage and that any load-bearing structures are secure and safe.

 When designing your project, take inspiration from design magazines and images from the internet. Choose a color palette that matches your house or office’s current exterior color. Don’t forget to include additional features like waterscapes, lighting, and furniture when designing.

How to Budget for a Hardscape Project

There is something for everyone’s budget, and a landscape contractor will be able to provide you a detailed outline of the options available to you in your price bracket. A hardscape project requires materials, design, and of course, installation, and the price will vary accordingly. The size of the outdoor landscape you are renovating will also have a significant impact on the cost. It’s worthwhile to conduct some research yourself and also consult with a landscape contractor because you’ll be surprised by the amount of choice you have. If you’re looking to install a patio, for example, materials such as porcelain paving are much more durable alternative to other less expensive materials like concrete or stone pavers. Plus, even though the initial cost is higher, porcelain pavers are practically maintenance-free and require no sealant. Other materials, such as stone or travertine, require yearly or seasonal maintenance and sealant. Keep this in mind when planning your original budget.

plannign your hardscape project budget

A Tip on How To Keep You Hardscape Project on Budget

 To keep within your budget, plan for an additional 10 to 15% overage of expenses for items like lighting, damages to existing structures, furniture, and last-minute add-ons.


Always plan for a larger space than expected. If you have a choice between going smaller or larger on your hardscape project, go bigger. Most homeowners regret not putting in a little extra space for future expansion.

Renovating your backyard, porch, or driveway is always an exciting project to embark on, but it’s also a significant investment in time, money, and resources. You want to make sure that you achieve what you want the first time around – not only in terms of aesthetics and function but also in budget. 

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