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What is Sand-Set Installation Method

When choosing how to install your new outdoor hardscaping project there are two main types of installation, mud-set, and sand-set. You can now sand set pavers for your driveway using our innovative 3cm porcelain pavers. In this blog, we will go into detail about what is sand-set and mud-set installation method and the benefits of sand-set installation.

How Sand-Set Installation is Done

sand set installation method

Sand-set installation is the most economical way for installation of pavers. Our 3cm porcelain pavers can be installed using sand-set method for driveways.

Sand-setting is one of the best and most economical ways of laying pavers.  First, the dirt in the area where the pavers will be placed will be compacted. Then, a layer of course gravel will be placed. After a layer of 1-2 inches of sand needs to be spread over the layer of gravel. The pavers then are laid and tapped into the sand. After, additional sand is poured over and spread with a broom to fill the joints of pavers. This sounds simple, right? Well, it is much simpler and more economical than the traditional mud-set installation. The benefits of the sand setting are that it’s easy to repair and has a low installation cost.

How Mud-Set Installation is Done

Mud-setting for a driveway or walkway for travertine or stone pavers require excavation of the area and compacting the soil. Next, a three to the four-inch base of limestone would be added, after a four-inch base of concrete must be laid. According to, the average cost of a concrete base installation is $5-$7 per square foot. After the concrete is set, the pavers must be laid using mortar. This is not only a time-consuming installation but also costly.

sand set vs mud set paver installation

Mud-set installation can be costly and time consuming compared to sand-set installation.

Benefits of Sand-Set with Porcelain Pavers on Driveway Renovation Projects

With Porcelain Paver Center’s 3cm porcelain pavers you can now sand-set for driveways, saving money over the traditional mud-set installation. When choosing materials like travertine or stone pavers, you will be required to mud-set the pavers for driveways. With our innovative and durable porcelain pavers, you can offset initial material costs by choosing sand-set installation instead.