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Porcelain Paver vs Stone Pavers

Porcelain Pavers – A Contemporary Alternative to Stone and Travertine

When comparing porcelain pavers vs stone, porcelain pavers have emerged as one of the most aesthetic, durable and functional alternatives to traditional materials such as stone, cement or wood for remodeling, renovations and new builds. Due to their versatility, porcelain pavers are the perfect choice for a range of applications, whether it is for pool decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, driveways, walkways or any other exterior space. Whatever the nature or scope of your outdoor project, porcelain pavers are a great option because they’re sustainable, high-performance, durable and of course their attractive appearance will add a touch of sophistication and finesse wherever they’re applied.

Advantages of Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers provide a number of significant advantages over other options such as stone pavers and travertine. One of the major problems with natural stone and travertine is that they are porous and therefore absorb liquids such as rain or any spillages. When liquids seep into these types of materials, they gradually start cracking or become stained after time. Porcelain, on the other hand, has a non-porous surface and will maintain its appearance for a much longer period of time without the need for extensive surface maintenance or any special treatments.

For Colder Climates - Frost-Resistant

Unlike more absorbent natural pavers such as wood and stone, porcelain will last for years at a time and won’t display any signs of wear and tear. For those who live in colder climates, for example, frost can be particularly damaging because it increases and decreases in mass as it freezes and melts throughout the seasons. This means that materials such as stone and travertine also expand and constrict with these movements, resulting in damage, unsightly cracks, and even holes over time. The extremely low porosity of porcelain pavers means they remain unaffected by changes in temperature and show little to no signs of weathering.

Porcelain Pavers vs. Stone - Beautiful Designs

Technological advancements such as porcelain inkjet printing mean that manufacturers can create porcelain pavers with a vast array of finishes, textures, and colors. So, if you want a driveway that resembles cement, a patio with the luxurious feel of wood or the rustic charm of a stone patio, all of these options and more are available as porcelain pavers. It’s also been very precisely engineered and calibrated, so with porcelain paving, you can be certain that the thickness will be consistent, and the edges themselves will be perfectly cut and even. If you want a more traditional and timeless look or a truly contemporary aesthetic, there is a porcelain paving to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

wood-look porcelain paver for pool decks and driveways

Modern Wood-Look Design on Porcelain Paver

Product Shown: 3CM Frassino Plank

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

In terms of sustainability, porcelain pavers are much easier on the environment because they can mimic the natural coloration and pattern of stone without the need for digging into a quarry. They’re manufactured from a combination of sands, clays, and feldspar which are tightly compressed and heated to 1200 degrees Celsius. The result is a material with powerful mechanical properties, eliminating the need for harvesting valuable natural resources from the Earth. With wood, cement, and stone designs now available, porcelain pavers are the only materials you need in order to transform your vision into reality.

Porcelain Pavers vs Stone & Other Materials - Maintenance Made Easy

Renovating and remodeling is hard enough work as it is, and the more low-maintenance and self-sufficient your outdoor spaces are the better. Porcelain pavers are ridiculously easy to maintain and to keep looking as flawless and spotless as they did the day when you first had them installed. Features designed with other materials such as stone, travertine, and decking require long-term and regular care such as sealing, specialized products, or particular cleaning routines. Porcelain pavers more or less take care of themselves, and thorough brushing, mopping or a few minutes with a pressure washer are all that you’ll need to do if your porcelain pavers need some sprucing up.

The slip-resistance of porcelain pavers is something else that distinguishes them from other options. Porcelain paving is a man-made material, which means that it can be easily manufactured to have a textured surface so that it is as anti-slip as possible. Another common culprit for slippery surfaces with materials such as stone and wood is their tendency to develop moss and mold. The anti-absorbent nature of porcelain means that it’s unlikely to retain a moist environment for this type of growth and become slippery as a result. Porcelain pavers are so safe to use in places where balance is a priority – for example on patios, balconies, terraces, steps, pathways, and around swimming pools.

Stone and travertine tend to naturally have a weathered appearance, which means that if they’re properly maintained for, they can retain this timeless appearance. However, they’re prone to scratching, etching, and staining whereas porcelain paving is not. Outdoor exteriors in particular usually experience much harsher conditions than indoor spaces. Weather conditions, changing seasons, heavy foot traffic, and furniture are just some of the things porcelain pavers can withstand without showing any wear and tear for the trouble.

Making the Right Choice

Minimalism and subtlety are the predominant sentiments when it comes to designing our exterior spaces, and with their understated sophistication, defined edges and polished surfaces porcelain pavers represent the ultimate modern aesthetic. Made from a virtually unlimited source of kiln-fired clay, they’re a wonderful sustainable option for those concerned about their environmental impact. For those who are searching for a flawlessly clean, effortlessly stylish and low maintenance look for their contemporary outdoor spaces, porcelain pavers are an incredibly versatile and convenient choice. Contact Porcelain Paver Center at sales@porcelainpavercenter.com to get your project started.