porcelain paver patio design idea with outdoor living room
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Patio Design Ideas with Porcelain Pavers

Have you been craving to change something about your patio or outdoor garden? Are you currently on the lookout for patio design ideas? Do you think your house needs something a little extra? If you have nodded your head in affirmation in response to the questions above, your answer is in these two words: Porcelain Pavers! We want to share some of our favorite porcelain paver patio design ideas.

Porcelain pavers are the hottest trend in hardscape design because of their durability, ease of install, and a wide variety of designs available. Porcelain pavers are durable, long-lasting, and offer wonderfully eclectic and sophisticated designs. Porcelain pavers come in many styles and designs, allowing designers to develop something exclusively personalized according to your own taste and style statement.

Here are some porcelain paver patio design ideas to get your project started:

swiss chalet porcelain paver patio design idea

Idea #1: Swiss Chalet Patio Design

Who says you need to go to Switzerland to feel like you are sitting in the Alps? This design features beautiful stonework paired with gorgeous porcelain pavers is reminiscent of winter vacations where you can come off the slopes to a cup of hot chocolate.

porcelain paver patio design idea for rooftop in city

Idea #2: A Rooftop Deck with Porcelain Pavers & River Stones

If you live in a city and don’t have access to outdoor space, you can always create an oasis on a rooftop or balcony. We love this minimalist design that features porcelain pavers and river stones. Make sure to create a small area using artificial turf for patio furniture or a lounge chair.

porcelain paver patio design idea with outdoor living room

Idea #3: Modern Outdoor Living Room Featuring Porcelain Pavers

Do you love being a host or hostess? Well then, it’s time for you to extend your entertaining area to the outdoors. This modern design is functional for entertaining and absolutely gorgeous. Porcelain pavers are versatile and are perfect to balance a magnificent landscape design.

hardscape project with fireplace and patio overlooking water

Idea #4: An Outdoor Fireplace Patio Design

If you have a holiday home somewhere that you occasionally visit with your family for a getaway, we have a fantastic idea for you. Who doesn’t love a fireplace? Just the thought of all family members snuggled around a fireplace sharing stories is heartwarming and cozy. We love the way this patio is designed with an outdoor fireplace using stone look porcelain pavers. The idea is unique and fabulous, and the area would literally serve as a retreat for you and your family.

stepping stone look with porcelain pavers

Idea #5: The Perfect Blend of Porcelain Pavers and Landscaping

Using grass or artificial turf as a joint between porcelain pavers creates a gorgeous design of simple elegance. We are a huge fan of this contemporary porcelain paver patio design creating a visual beauty offset by the green hues of the grass and dark brown hues of the home.


Are you ready to get started to design your patio with porcelain pavers?

Porcelain pavers are versatile, and the possibilities with these are endless. Explore your options and be ready to fall in love. For outdoor hardscape project tips or to request our price list click here.