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Patio Design Ideas with Porcelain Pavers

Have you been craving to change something about your patio or outdoor garden? Are you currently on the lookout for patio design ideas? Do you think your house needs something a little extra? If you have nodded your head in affirmation in response to the questions above, your answer is in these two words: Porcelain […]

sand set installation method
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What is Sand-Set Installation Method

When choosing how to install your new outdoor hardscaping project there are two main types of installation, mud-set, and sand-set. You can now sand set pavers for your driveway using our innovative 3cm porcelain pavers. In this blog, we will go into detail about what is sand-set and mud-set installation method and the benefits of […]

porcelain pavers vs stone
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Porcelain Paver vs Stone Pavers

Porcelain Pavers – A Contemporary Alternative to Stone and Travertine When comparing porcelain pavers vs stone, porcelain pavers have emerged as one of the most aesthetic, durable and functional alternatives to traditional materials such as stone, cement or wood for remodeling, renovations and new builds. Due to their versatility, porcelain pavers are the perfect choice […]